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all parties jointly maintain, prevent repudiation and tamper proof blockchain finance top-level design was released, and the central bank clearly defined

for the first time The top-level design of

blockchain finance finally comes!

following the release of the \

This is the first time that the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has issued relevant regulatory documents on the exercise of blockchain around finance. From the aspects of technical elements evaluation, performance evaluation and openness evaluation, this paper selects the three dimensions that should be considered in the implementation of blockchain around finance, and gives detailed technical indicators, evaluation forms and standards for product design, flexible parts development and system operation.

now, the financial industry is surrounded by the most popular and commercial application of blockchain technology. The impact of this document on the whole industry is self-evident.

On July 22, Wan Yingxiong, chief technology officer of matrix element, a blockchain technology company focused on privacy computing, told reporters in the 21st century economic news: \ Difficulties in implementation of


according to the performance of the documents obtained by the 21st century economic report reporters, the central bank asked financial institutions to establish and improve the risk prevention mechanism for the exercise of blockchain technology, carry out external and candid evaluation on the online purchase of Fucai kuaishan on schedule, promote the standardized exercise of blockchain technology in the financial environment, and carry out the filing of block chain technology exercise.

At the same time, it requests the industry association to strengthen the self-discipline management of blockchain technology finance, and establish and improve the self-discipline inspection, news sharing and other mechanisms. The document details all kinds of banking, securities companies, fund companies, futures companies, private placement, insurance and payment industry, including financial business system and technology products related to blockchain technology.

Bend hero told the 21st century economic reporter that it is difficult to implement some provisions in the rules at first. For example, in terms of starting conditions, the test version of the rules is completely opposite to the online version. \

secondly, the common data archiving concept of traditional finance is singled out in the rules. In such a system of 7 × In addition, a clear definition of how to synchronize \

cross chain business challenges the realization of technology, such as how to realize cross chain identity exchange (penetrating digital identity), how to be compatible with different data formats, and how to guarantee atomization business. Another common challenge is the interconnection of different systems, the concealment of IP address, and the erection of firewall strategy.

yangzuo defines \

in the \

This is the first time that the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has publicly defined what a blockchain is. The key words include \

it is worth careful that some concepts often presented in the blockchain negotiations are presented in this document in other countries, such as \ In fact, the central government officials in Xuzhong's public field have all picked boundary issues before, so leading enterprises in the industry have said to the outside world that public centralization or weak centralization of blockchain governance. Therefore, for the major companies in the banking industry and blockchain industry, these rules are expected to have little impact. \ Another impact of

is that there is a more standardized evaluation system for the performance of blockchain, and \

the central bank will standardize the block chain system and exercise of the financial system from the three dimensions of technical factor evaluation, performance evaluation and calm evaluation, and the content of the specification is equal and detailed.

In the evaluation of technical elements, it is divided into 10 aspects, such as account book technology, consensus making, intelligent Compliance Agreement, node communication, etc., and goes deep into all aspects of the project. It not only considers the forerunner and functionality of the selected technical methods, but also takes into account the calm and solemnity of the technology. In terms of performance, it is listed separately, and clear requests are picked out in terms of throughput, synchronization, etc.

Calm is also the key point. The rules not only cover the inherent topics in the news system, such as basic hardware and software, privacy preservation, operation and maintenance, but also pick out detailed requests in terms of consensus formulation, intelligent Compliance Agreement, and account book data according to the characteristics of blockchain.

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